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Address your walk-in customers directly

Customers who spontaneously find themselves near your shop often don't know that you are just down the road, have a special offer today, are celebrating your anniversary or simply have something new on offer.

Make people within walking distance aware of you with Winkt!

Geschäftsinhaber im Workshop

Customer acquisiton

Make your location your advantage. With Winkt, people get your customized offers as soon as they are in your vicinity.

You don't have time to create photos of your creations, add nice texts to them, still find suitable hashtags and at the end the followers of classic media are at the other end of town.

All this is not necessary with Winkt, just a few words bring everything to the point.

simple, fast, direct


Maximum success with  low advertising budget

A large-scale campaign is not worthwhile for individual gastronomy businesses. Winkt offers the opportunity to retain regular customers and attract new customers with a small budget.

waste reduction

Together we will save food. With Winkt you can send a message to the neighbourhood shortly before closing, sell cheap unused food or donate it before it ends up in the rubbish.

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