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We are super excited to test our BETA version in September. 
Join us on this fascinating journey :) 

"Everything comes to the ones who hustle while waiting" (Thomas Edison)

We are hustling full of joyful anticipation to prepare the first version of the Winkt App and we are waiting in suspense for September when selected groups will start testing. They will be so-called early adopters: people who love to be part of something new and innovative - knowing that product development is still in full progress; people who are passionate about co-designing and co-thinking with us Winkt. Do you want to be one of them? We believe: every beginning holds its own magic!

SEP 4th

We are happy to partner with RegionalHero. Together, we will facilitate the PRENZL LATE NIGHT for more than 30 local shops and restaurants in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. 

Participating businesses - we call them "Lieblingsorte" - will offer individual and unique specials to customers this evening.


If you download Winkt during the event, you will be informed or can inform others about what´s happening and we will give you free B-Card credits - just because we will be celebrating our first market testing.


Click here to find out more:  

Let´s make it a success together!

Maybe you want to become a "Lieblingsort" or you want to join the promotion team. Maybe you want to test the app even before Sept 4th. Get in touch so we can start working together. 

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