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Welcome potential customers nearby or guests onsite.
Find them on Winkt. 

You might be a local shop owner, a gastronomer, or an organizer of all sorts of cultural events.


Who are the customers who can make the most out of your offers?

The ones who are really close to you. The ones who in fact just need to cross the street, come around the corner, or change the floor level in order to be with you.


Make Winkt your way of communication to address them.

Personalize near-me ads, putting B-locations on the map, advertising products that expire or have low margin, make volatility your advantage, address the ones who are not (anymore) on Facebook or Instagram

Customer acquisiton


Instant directions, group coordinating, quick reactions

Up-selling, Referrals, Service

Customer activation

Outdoor experiences

Walking distances on the event ground, 

agile customer dynamics, 

volatile demands


Mitigation if no-shows, spontaneous dealing with fluctuation, micro-marketing cost transparency

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